Tuesday, November 23, 2010

cheery brightness from skitsch.

these super cute and super fun sofa units from skitsch are what first turned my head whilst perusing the pages of skitsch. they made me smile, they are pudgy, chunky and you can remove the cushions changing out the color, creating a fresh new look (and color palette) whenever you'd like! plus i sort of like the exposed birch wood base. kind of industrial meets soft and cozy.

how fun is the brightness yet clarity of these chairs? i'd love them sprinkled around an older kitchen table or dining table to throw it off style~wise or era~wise.

i love this dueling candelabra. both beautiful vase and candle holder all at once. which is more beautiful? flowers or candles. i suppose both then! how amazing on your table for thanksgiving or christmas?

a, to fool the eye, bookshelf/sidetable. just for fun.

wonder twin powers activate. with this super fun comic colored rug. in the right spot (a boys room?) this is just perfect.

i loved these metallic little seats. they also come in small coffee table versions.

can you say floating on a bright & cheery cloud?

ok, i need to snap out of it, get going, perhaps another cup of coffee is in order. i'm in a fog. i crept out of boston after classes last night because of road construction, seriously we all crept, could have run faster. so getting home late and now with a million (not really, but close) things to do getting ready for turkey day, i need a boost of energy! well at least this bright cheeriness from skitsch has helped me along. where's my coffee cup again? ;) enjoy!

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Sing said...

I like the bookshelf side table and the metallic stool.