Wednesday, November 24, 2010

enjoy your thanksgiving everyone!!

well, that about says it all. have a most relaxing thanksgiving friends! are you doing anything out of the ordinary? anything special? going somewhere or staying at home? running around or calmly preparing and waiting for guests? we are somewhere in between all of that. my fiance keeps showing up at the door in between work hours, dropping off random parts to the meal, a pie he picked up at our favorite pie shop, to herbs and large bags of potatoes. has been fun to watch him. we're hosting thanksgiving in our (very little) cottage, but the fun parts...preparing a large planter in autumn colors at the front door, watching my fiance prepare his menu and begin piecing together the entire meal (he's beyond talented in the kitchen, not kidding) raking the last bit of leaves that keep mocking me and by tomorrow at noon, should be enjoying a glass of cabernet and taking it all in. hope you are too! enjoy...;)