Friday, November 19, 2010

a pretty wild shopping experience at l'eclaireur.

this weekend, i'm tempted to hop a flight to france just to take in this amazing space constructed for l'eclaireur. guests are welcomed by each staff member to "unveil" product. it's not in your face shopping. it's weightless in surroundings, visual, tactile, and catches the first time visitor off guard. how intriguing!

"more than two tons of recycled wooden planks, cardboard, and used aluminum print-plates were delivered to shape the scenography of this haute-couture women's boutique." the entry way is intoxicating, drawing you in to the belly that is l'eclaireur. goods at l'eclaireur are exposed or deliberately not exposed, waiting for you to seek them out. a very intimate personal shopping experience. i am adoring that it's not simple, it's not typical or easy or boring. l'eclaireur puts you in touch with their product, literally, truly making this shopping experience, an experience. isn't that what it should be? oh, and you must go to their site (here) for another treat, (they even have a restaurant to be tempted by). it's just a super fun site to check out. also you can shop on line here.

happy friday and end of a hectic week. i'm still in excited it's friday mode and pondered driving 2 hours tonight to see my absolute favorite jazz musician dave brubeck, who turns 90 years old soon and is playing near me (well 2 hours away but hey that's sort of near me)(and my fiance was like "what? are you kidding?). then we have "the game" tomorrow. we are heading up to boston to take part in the craziness that is the harvard/yale football game. tailgating at harvard? should be interesting. what are you all up to? do tell, do tell! enjoy...