Tuesday, October 19, 2010

i like it here. tumblr shoutouts.

last night, i arrived home late from classes and bopped around on line while inhaling spring rolls which when dipped in peanut sauce at 11:30 at night are actually surprisingly delicious. (or would anything be at that time and when you are starving? hmmm.) back to the post, well, so, one of my favorite tumblr sites is texturism. it's endless inspirational offerings will dizzy you. one of texturism's slants on posts is always "i like it here." with that said so perfectly, i wanted to share some "i like it here" spaces of my own, all from the glorious tumblr.

(oh! this space, here!)


(these 2 here)

it's tuesday, a day to adjust to the hectic week. if you are stressing, un~inspired, cranky ;) or bored, head over to tumblr and peruse the wonderful interior spaces, commercial and residential. it's like flipping through some of the most amazing design magazines. anyway, that's my tumblr rant and shout out for this tuesday morning. enjoy!!

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Sing said...

I'm convinced I need a big huge portrait in my home.