Monday, October 18, 2010

guilherme torres has a very cool monday space.

i sort of stumbled by this post via the contemporist (here) and said to myself, "self, this is an extremely cool space!" seriously that's what i thought, immediately. it made me smile for a monday morning, it's playful, it's gritty, it's somehow delicate, it's somehow romantic and very much somehow cooler than cool.

(via the contemporist, here)

guilherme torres is a young brazilian architect and says this project came to life after taking on a small studio space, encountering electrical problems, wall cracks etc. and the need to consider repairs. " modern and avant-garde, the whole building cost approximately u.s. $6,000.00 and the low cost is due to its simplicity in architectural solutions." how amazing is that? it's just plain cool i say. especially for a monday morning.
guilherme torres also has a jazzy blog (here), with a header to die for and plenty of image eye~candy and inspiration. check it out! enjoy your start to the week, enjoy your monday morning. i hope the sun is shining, that you've had or are on your way to having a great cup of coffee and the day is starting out A ok! enjoy...


mydesignchic said...

Love the modern, industrial feel...fantastic!!

Leah said...

Yes what a gorgeous space!!!


Leigh Viner said...

Can I have that space? :) Seriously love the modern yet at home feel. The walls look like suede and I am convinced we should all paint a wall black..Love it and thank you for sharing the inspiration xo