Wednesday, October 20, 2010

embracing new design finds & having fun doing it. ;)

is it a light or a bookshelf? it's both! by alle who states that their products are "the harmony of design and practical talent, turning vision into reality." yeah for that. when designing, we all need a piece, i promise we do, that just sort of throws a space off, by being non~conventional, by being fun. this does that! here.

these cubes, sideboard, lighting, oh, just all of it! offered by pinch and photographed by james merrell, i want everything pinch sells, all of it i tell you! find more here.

how fun is this "rgb" chandelier by jeongwon ji? the play on simple geometric shapes, connected, they shouldn't fit together but they do. perfectly. here.

completely mad for the products coming out of jethro macey's site. like this wonderful cut~away stool inspired by the air bricks used in mediterranean architecture, here.

and this super sideboard with it's lacy composite doors and solid oak base. ah, i really want this piece. really. get yours here.

well what's green about this product is the designer's name john green. so, this bent plywood table, available in birch, oak or walnut is just plain john green fabulous. find it here.

this spectacular carboard (yes i said cardboard) lighting by paperself can be printed on, drawn on, design it, paint it, check them out here.

i don't know, i was just plain having fun experiencing new product design this week. these designers all took part in design london 2010 and through these events up and coming, non~conventional, young and daring designers get out there, expose their talents and are there for us to see, talk about, network about and help us to realize that when designing, the options are seriously endless. i love that! enjoy...

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Melanie's Randomness said...

Ooo I love the light/bookcase! I would put that on my night stand! That chandelier is crazy. My dream apartment would be basically a huge studio with room dividers everywhere so I would put that chandelier on by my desk cuz it's awesomely wacky! That last one reminds me of a studded bracelet. Pretty cool!