Tuesday, October 12, 2010

contemporary family home.

here's hoping your long weekend treated you right, that you are re~energized, relaxed, kicking off an inspiring new week! today, i was drawn to the clean lines, soft tones, subtle pops of color and very geometrically layed out floor plan of this amazing space via owi. lots of rectangles, squares softened by curvy, fur draped furniture and tropical images. really, really fun...

(all images via owi)
happy tuesday everyone! what was your favorite part of your weekend? for me? spending time with the loves of my life, eating one of the best meals out to dinner i may have ever had and taking a much needed break from classes. enjoy these soft spaces, enjoy your day!


Dionne said...

I want to pack my bags and move in right now! Gorgeous!

Calligaris Toronto said...

Great post, especially I liked pictures. Good example of good design