Friday, October 8, 2010

friday and animals in interiors.

first of all...happy friday everyone! yeah! we made it! also, for some reason (i have to admit i don't know how i woke up thinking of this post but hey, i'll run with it) i wanted to put together some unique ideas for adding not just animal prints which can be easy to add or accessorize with, but chunks of animals, making an interesting impression or statement. have a look at what i found...

take advantage of this wonderful animal photographer sharon montrose. so soft these images are. i'd love one blown up giant and alone on one wall in any space, residential or commercial. love, love, love! find them here.

fur~it~up with decadent bedding and clawfoot sidetables. creating a luxurious, romantic bedroom. this post via habitually chic, here.

i love these children's animal chairs from elad ozeri via chic tip, here.

amazing trophy lights, imagine the glowing effect these will present in your spaces. posted about on style hive, here.

cardboard safari offers up plentiful amounts of...you guessed it, cardboard safari animals at your beck and call for home decorating. check them out here.

and of course, there's the old fashioned taxidermy. apartment therapy did an interesting post about whether to stuff or not stuff? what about you? could you do it? ah, me, not so much. see the original post here.

adding super creative pieces like these animal bookshelves, adds an element of surprise and intrigue to spaces. this post via inehome, here.

animal accent pillows. how fun? you can change them out, you can play with all kinds of concepts with pillows. from marie burgos's design blog, here.

put them on the walls, fabulously fun "hybrid" wallpapers from today and tomorrow, here.

are you drawn to any of these ideas? i really just love sharon montrose's animal photographs. seriously, i think they are just so fabulous. also i think adding one more animal piece, maybe a bit edgy, a bit "out there" can be fun as well, for that "wow" factor. anyway, just my thoughts on some animal inspiration, if you're in the market for such things this beautiful fall day.

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what are your weekend plans? i soooo want to sleep in. that's a priority for me this weekend. besides that, more college visit plans with my son and a big fat glass of wine in the evening. sounds like a plan. enjoy!

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Leah said...

Those kiddos chairs are so cute! I love!

Happy weekend sweetie!