Wednesday, October 13, 2010

avant. apres. having fun w/before & afters.

well, while i've been contemplating some changes for a client transforming an existing restaurant, before & after images are swirling through my imagination. here are a few very interesting before & afters i've found out of the many out there. do you find yourself ever liking the before spaces better? i have. not in all of these of course as you'll see, but in a couple, near the bottom, i have to admit, i kind of like a before. have a look and you decide...

this is one of my favorite transformations, this kitchen featured on design sponge. absolutely the best!

this streamlined make~over featured also on design sponge.

beautifully light before and after studio/office space, from coco cozy.

ah. a much needed kitchen make~over. much! from apartment therapy.

bold & daring color changes, from design hole.

these, from marie claire.

for this mid~week post then, some fun with before & afters. why not right? i've seen so many before and afters posted from all of you, many do~it~yourself posts which you personally have shared. i just love viewing those! i have a few before & after projects i want to work on at some point, but just can't bring myself to starting them until i know i have the proper time. one day soon i hope! for now, enjoy!!!


Sing said...

I need a terrace I can move my bed right in front of, sigh.



I definitely like the new transformation of each space, so Chic,elegant and fabulous!! So Great find,I had a peek at your older post to see the 'before' and wow!all of them are feeling so Luxe!Inspiring.