Tuesday, September 14, 2010

something said for savoring summer.

after returning home from visiting my dad in tennessee, i was greeted (more like surprised) by crisp weather and wondering where my long sleeve shirts are packed. hmmm, a bit early for my taste (i am a summer person at heart), but i'll take it. i'll run with it and begin licking my chops for fall decorating, autumn color palettes enjoying outdoor fires in our little home~made fire place and cozying up with my favorite layered bedding. before i get ahead of myself, i must savor (just a while longer) all that is (was) summer.

just that summer feel. via m.a. belle.

summer parties and brightly painted fire~place mantels. i love this! via absolutely beautiful things & fern and feather.

summer beverage dispensers. how about this one? wow, via lotus haus, and by horchow. pssst...it's on sale!

care~free summer lifestyles. via design sponge.

summer sheets in summer rain, paintings by vladimir dubossarsky & alexander vinogradov.
summer brights via blue pool road.

summer sun peeking in, via emmas design blog.

a perfect summer~heading into fall, bed, via oh joy!
have you ever plunked yourself on just one of your favorite blogs for a while and perused all of their favorite blogs? and not moved? i did that today on oh joy's wonderful blog. i went through their favorite blogs and sites to visit...these are the results. new finds, old loves, and tons of summer savoring going on to sink a ship. speaking of ships, i may ride my (getting very old now) bike down to the beach to catch up on reading for class. why not right? must suck up summer while i can ;) enjoy!

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Jules said...

i'm right there with you! i'm a summer girl for sure, but the crisp weather that's creeping in is getting me excited for fall...i'm looking forward to jeans an soft sweaters, rain, and cloudy days. although, i'm not ready quite yet...a little more summer weather is fine with me :)