Monday, September 13, 2010

french inspiration.

this morning, i am studying for a french exam. that said, i thought, why not feature french interior inspiration to get me into the mood. right? right! this glorious space sets the mood with that soft, french color palette, one of the many reasons we are drawn to french interiors. this space via twins garden.

the great blog, decorology said it best. french design offers effortless glamour. how true! i think that the one basic element that draws us all to french interiors and french design is that it does appear effortless. effortless and comfortable. we want that. we need that! visit decorology here.

a dream of mine (and probably a dream of yours too?) is to bop around to all of france's many amazing flea markets and antique stores. that's a trip just on it's own! the tiny french details can help to give a space that rich, fascinating french glow. little (or big!) finds at the flea markets could be the touches any space needs. these details were featured in the fab book, french home, and via one of my favorite blogs, the city sage.

another thing i adore about some french interiors is the beautifully muted color palette. very natural, rustic, soft and pleasing to the eye. this lovely interior, via the invitation lady is a prime example. aaahhhh.
this french apartment my friends, is a rental! yes! so run, quickly over to the fabulous site of the paris apartment, here, to check the rest of it out! hmmm, is a vacation in order?
i am drawn to the mix of very old and very new in this very glam apartment, filled with french inspiration. comfy and flirty all at once. via best home news.

this french armchair, given a fresh coat of blue gloss fabric offers contributes a sense of history and sass to a modern loft transformation, directed by architect eric cobb, via elle decor. love.

enjoy this monday morning and with the added french inspiration. between the beautiful interiors i've been perusing and practicing the language, i have to get to france at some point soon! if you've been, tell me about it. did you get to those much touted flea markets and antique stores? did you bring back that fabulous find? do tell!! enjoy...

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Robin I know you are now inspired.....however speaking of French!

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