Thursday, September 16, 2010

fab furniture from john lewis.

happy almost friday everyone! today i'd like to share with you, not only a new sponsor to avant garde design, but a really fab furniture and accessory company, john lewis. i am particular with my choice of sponsors and strive to offer ads on avant garde that i believe fit with what i enjoy, what i believe readers and visitors to avant garde design desire, and with what i believe in, as far as style, quality and affordability, and john lewis's products have all of that. have a look...

one immediate feature that struck me about john lewis's product line right now is their very rich color palette choices. rich, decadent, perfect for this early entry into fall, with soft, plush materials in deep, sexy colors. love, love, love! john lewis offers up anything and everything from lighting, to rugs, curtains, home accessories, the list is endless and the list is fabulous. have a look at john lewis's website, here, and see for yourself. for you, or for your clients, john lewis offers so many choices in interior design, a great resource. enjoy!!

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Karena said...

Robin I adore John's designs. His line looks so comfortable and inviting. I also love the lighting, fabulous!!

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