Friday, September 17, 2010

have a daring friday.

you don't have to do it with color. to be daring i mean. you can do it by transforming a space to a more stark, white color palette. but becoming a bit more daring with designing can spruce up, spice up spaces, adding life, and adding just a little bit of fun. hey, we all need a bit of fun in our spaces, right?

(all images via home decorating ideas 4 all)

adding small, bold touches, unusual bits of lighting, adding wallpaper in small amounts, strong paint colors (even in small amounts), pillows, art, no matter how you do it, grab that item or paint or what ever the design element is that you have been daring to work with and do it this weekend! so this friday, dare to be daring. have fun doing it and have a fabulous weekend my friends! enjoy...


modern monkey said...

I'm in love with the turquoise in the first picture. You never see that color in kitchens. Brilliant. Thanks for the great post.

Sing said...

Loving the blue and purple rooms.


divamom1717 said...

I must have the green and white bedding....any idea?