Friday, August 6, 2010

friday odds, ends and hmmm....s?

this first odds & ends product is a hmmmm? for me anyway. from fiorentino via trendir. this lace lampshade light named "raffaello" by designer rodolfo bianchi is stunning, but is it over the top? or are you thinking "i want, no, i need this lamp"? or are you like, "aahh, no"?

i'm really liking the versatility and the crazy amount of options that these beautiful "feel~thru" panels offer to any space, residential or commercial. from abr produccion and via, 2modern.

how dreamy is this scene? displaying photos of just the sky, the amazing swirly shapes of clouds and the many tones of blue? i love, love, love this idea! via banjolele.

this odds & ends product is a hmmmmm? for me anyway. not sure i love it but could consider it for a kids room maybe? what do you think about color~it~yourself~wallpaper? by nineteenseventythree, via design evolution.

i was recently drawn to these curious ariel photographs from alex maclean, via trends now. how fun would one be placed on a wall, very large of course, anywhere in your home or commercial space? super fun, that's what!

each of these "erosion sinks" is hand made. so as they will be a bit pricey, you'll also have a show stopper of a sink, a very amazing one of a kind conversation piece in your home or commercial space. by gore design co., via better living through design.

sort of strangely, i adore these pendant lights! from innermost, via better living through design.

so, some fun, decadent, unusual products, odds & ends for this week ending friday! how great really because after all...it's all of the odds & ends that truly make a space come together, right? right!

what are your summer weekend plans? it's supposed to be picture perfect here in my part of the world for weather. so that will drive us right outside my friends ;) you know it! tell me what you are doing...i'd love to hear! enjoy!

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Callie Grayson said...

those sinks are awesome!!