Friday, July 30, 2010

bruhl. clarity in shapes, concept and design.

for bruhl, "clarity lies in carefully balancing proportions and volumes in harmonious interplay of all the elements." i love that!

i'm not a "white couch person". but for some reason, bruhl's white line of exquisite furniture sucked me right in. i was drawn to those puffy, yet clean lines. the very new~ness of the white furniture. so maybe i could be a "white couch person?" hmmm.
bruhl is correct in saying on it's website that "more than anything, the design enables the furniture to be easily integrated", in any space that is. and they're right! take a victorian, or industrial space and plunk a bruhl piece smack dab inside and you know what you have? you have interesting, you have complicated, you have simple and you have fun all rolled into one space now. and i love that too!

well, what are your weekend plans? i finished the beginning of my class project,(can you hear me jumping up and down?) so i'll take a day or two for a much needed breather, in between a little bit of work. but, one of my loves took 2 days off early next week! my younger love has a summer job so he's working those 2 days...so we are off to the beach, to catch up on some magazines, eat sandwiches, watch the seals and breathe, breathe, and breathe some more! enjoy...