Monday, August 9, 2010

the secret clubhouse, cappellini.

this is what started it for me this morning with cappellini. this crazy, adorable, exotic and playful "secret clubhouse" chair. designed by martin vallin, a very industrial swedish designer. vallin creates "a little world in which to escape". constructed completely of recycled wood and "softened by felt covered cushions." i sooooooooo want one of these. and sort of as a secret clubhouse to hide out...why not?
"produced entirely from multicolor plastic material," this eco fish limited edition chair stopped me in my tracks. i loved the continuous flowing design, the fun~party~~confetti~esque pattern on top. just eye~catching and a wonderful addition to any space, perhaps especially a space that is not at all modern. tossing in a piece like this eco fish chair to throw the whole space off? love. designed by satyendra pakhale.

i'm not a huge "design things in the image of disney" fan. but these stools, a collaboration between cappellini and walt disney did in fact make me smile. i think because they are fun and subtle at the same time. with the ears peeking from behind the stool. designed by nendo, the "flowing lines" the "ribbon stool" this meeting of the minds and design, "create a single iconic representation of the seamless collaboration of cappellini and walt disney." agreed.
look closely, this fabulous seat, designed by patrick norguet is another collaboration between cappellini and walt disney. with it's overlapping silhouette of "mickey" the pattern becomes bold, the color palette daring and this swivel chair becomes a fabulous conversation piece in your home or commercial space.

i was & am very drawn to the very "barnacle" nature and design of these wonderfully soft white ceramic hanging lights from cappellini and designed by marre moerel. imagine clumps and clusters of these lights, super soft light oozing from within. i really am loving these and my imagination is running wild.

this "luxor fluo" console is designed by guilio cappellini. with its "evanescent decoration on the doors", its strategic white bases and aluminum coating, this console will steal the show in any environment.

after you catch your breath, let me know your thoughts on some of these pieces, or is one your favorite? mine might just be that top seat, the secret clubhouse. there is something that brings me between my childhood, building and hiding out in forts in the woods...to my adult years, amazed by talented designers using found or recycled products in the most genius of ways. enjoy!


Dale at Hospitality Design Inspirations said...

I love that secret clubhouse chair by Capellini. Is it weird to want one for in my bathroom? (not that I have the room).

Callie Grayson said...

love that first chair!
that second one reminds me of the frosted animal crackers!