Tuesday, June 8, 2010

where do you want to go?

shall we sail? shall we fly? utilizing maps, old and new, in interior design is not only fun, sending you and your guests imaginations soaring to exotic places, but maps also warm spaces, adding color, texture...adding interesting.

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so... do you decorate with maps? we have a very nice one, that used to be framed, and i say used to because i broke the glass one day while moving it, oops. so...it's waiting for another frame and of course new glass ;)

i was trying to find a photo i had seen a while back and couldn't locate it. it's one of my favorite map decorating ideas and was on martha stewart. she took a long hallway and papered the ceiling with a mish-mash of maps. it was just perfect! as you walk the long hallway your mind travels to anywhere and everywhere. i love that! if you have a map decor story, do tell! they are never out of style either are they? they are in vogue whether vintage or brand spanking new. really a perfect design element to pull from. enjoy your tuesday everyone!


Dionne said...

I LOVE maps. But strangely enough, I have none used as a decor element. But now I want to!

Down and Out Chic said...

i've definitely been wanting to do something with vintage maps. so much great inspiration here!

beauty comma said...

i've always loved old maps - the really old ones where everything is quite wrong and sea monsters adorn the oceans... i've got a few of these old map items (postcards, pictures from calendars etc) but i haven't found a creative way of using them yet - except for the notebook, which i'm planning to use for taking notes at argentine tango classes. sort of a map of the journey of tango...