Wednesday, June 9, 2010

summer colors.

we are heading directly into summer in case you haven't noticed! how do you let the light in? the color? do you become a bit more daring design-wise during the summer? does the summer wind unleash your inner child, wanting to paint a wall a bright, bold color? are you ready to purchase that painting that you know will just jazz up a space? a summer space...

pops of perfectly placed colorful furniture send the summer spirit message!

paint it bright! let the light bounce! let it reflect! let it in!

eclectic lighting and of course, a pink pig, to bring summer color into your spaces. sculpture, art, light...all contributors to a fun summer environment.

all of the luscious summer greens, from nature to design, co-existing together in the most perfect of summer spaces.

summer pastel colors, in tiny bouquets on tables, surrounded by candlelight, soft summer color.

even in the quietest of spaces, color-wise, pops of color through paintings or sculpture give a much needed or wanted boost, summer punch.

serving up summer color inspiration, bold and bright.

summer fruit colors will get us in the mood, every time.
we can reproduce the outdoors, indoors with fabulous photography like this!

does it stream in your windows making rainbow colors everywhere?

(all photos via owi)

some summer inspiration for us all! i pick a ton of wild flowers in the summer for my kitchen table, that's one thing i must have for summer color indoors. and as far as paint goes, my color senses go wild in the summer. they should really lock the doors to the paint supply places in my area. i'm in the mood to do it differently right now, inspired by nature, by the beautiful summer blooms. what about summer is inspiring you right now? i'd love to know!!! enjoy your day...


Dale at Hospitality Design Inspirations said...

Nothing says summer like a pink mesh pig! haha...

Jules said...

i love summer! it's my favorite season of the year and all of these images capture the fresh, colorful cheer that summer brings! that door in the first photo is magical - i want one! xoxo - julie

Juxtaposition Design said...

Lately, just being able to open all the windows and take in the fresh air has been really helping get my creative juices flowing. Summer time really helps clear my head, especially after finishing an intense 4 years of design school!