Thursday, June 10, 2010

eRoom Service. my new, my very exciting sponsor!

i wanted to take time today with this post to feature not only a brand new sponsor to avant garde design, but also a completely amazing company. eroom service offers truly amazing takes on furniture. and with my design blog, avant garde, i love promoting different, amazing, cutting edge, dare to step out of the norm companies that get us imagining, wondering, contemplating doing it differently when it comes to designing interiors, residential or commercial. here's a snapshot of why...

i selected this couch to feature, among the many that eroom service offers, because i found it to be so versatile. it's a classic design with a modern twist. the legs, the length, the simplicity but very interesting nature of the design draws you to sit and stay a while. in both residential or commercial spaces, this couch would be perfection.

these italian leather dining chairs take my breath away. they are contemporary, they are classic and they are darn sexy if you ask me.

i really love this table not only for a coffee table but perhaps a night stand beside a bed, especially when a space, whether residential or commercial is needing a zip of modern, or a punch of color. love!

so, you've just designed your new home and you really want to pull together an amazing master bedroom. would this "floating" platform bed do the trick? i've featured this bed before in a post about amazing products and designs out there. it's actually supported by four legs but you would never guess. i guess that's the amazing point!

i adore the shapes, twists and takes on baby and children's furniture that eroom service provides. remember that there are so many options out there when designing for children as well!

residential or commercially, gobs of these wonderful indoor/outdoor chairs will have your neighbors or your guests eyes popping. plus, they are just so fun!

this is what eroom service does so very well. they offer options for change, for expanding the horizons of thinking about furniture.

how amazing is this coffee table? completely stunning!
for when you really want to do a "couch" oh, so differently! eroom service can do that!

seriously, you must visit eroom services' site, here. eroom service is chock full of design options to add wow to your residential or commercial space. remember that there are always so many options out there like eroom service when approaching the design of an interior space. i hope that from time to time, avant garde design helps to realize that and for me, i love providing serious design impact like that offered by eroom service. enjoy!


Connie Cusick said...

WOW! I love the Grey Room!!! It takes style to a new level!! Love it! Best, Connie

Juxtaposition Design said...

Jaws to the floor on this one! The unique shapes and forms are just what I love! That white bed is SO Zaha Hadid and the coffee table is quite architectural as well. Definitely bookmarking this company! AMAZING find!

Dale at Hospitality Design Inspirations said...

The wavy coffee table is great!