Monday, June 7, 2010

a fresh & bright monday with michelle mason.

this monday morning, the clouds have cleared in my neck of the woods. crisp, sunny weather has taken over, just in time to start the week! perfect. to add more summer color and fresh design, michelle mason's product line will give us all a boost and get us going today...

imagine your screened in porch, summer outdoor table or little side tables holding wine glasses and cheese and fruit platters, displayed over these fresh, bright, crispy colored centerpiece table mats. made from 100% sustainable felted wool. yes, we need these!
these pewter beakers, engraved with summer peonies, are a unique way to display your cut flowers, i just love these!

if your couch, favorite chair, or perhaps even your bed is in dire need of color, fret not, michelle mason's pillows are wickedly colorful.

michelle mason's line of tea towels are fabulous, decorative, chic and playful.

while trays these days are very popular, why not serve your guests with these super cute summer trays from michelle mason? imagine this summery tray, stacked with cut fruit, or with pretty little cupcakes? oh so cute!

i have always been a big fan of michelle mason's felt, cut rugs, so fresh, so dainty, so fun!

how is your monday starting out? are you off today? on vacation? working like mad already? i'm somewhere in between. i'm off today, but have a lawn to mow, will be cleaning my mother's house for her, and somewhere in between all of that, grabbing a book that i'm close to finishing, oh and perhaps a cat nap? a girl can wish. :)

enjoy michelle mason's line of inviting summer decor, enjoy your fresh start to the week and get ready for a great week of summer posts on avant garde design!


The Townhouselady said...

I love these picks. You're giving me good idea's for the wee one's room. So fun!

Leah said...

Love those floor mats! So fun!


So trendy...I could use the white one under my coffee table...