Wednesday, June 30, 2010

bonluxat. let's talk lighting.

my fondness for lighting is no secret to those that follow this blog. in fact, it is always my personal mission to locate the obscure, the unusual, the amazing, the oh-so-very-different in lighting. to share, to purchase, to ogle, and to wish for. bonluxat is a site where you can wade waist high through mounds of designers and manufacturers of stunning lighting...like these...

fernando and humberto campana campana lighting unit, by edra, here.

berfjan pot fold up xxl supension lamp, by moustache, here.

gregoriao spini sama ceiling lamp, by kundalini, here.

lars englund skelder lamp, by kallemo, here.

bert & dennis chester lamp, by dark, here.

josef frank T2561 ceiling lamp, by svenskt tenn, here.

ferruccio laviani supernova lamp, by foscarini, here.

vibeke fonnesberg schmidts bau lamp, by normann copenhagen, here.

paola navone pluto ceiling lamp by kundalini, here.

i could go design mad with these choices. the possibilities, the wow factor fabulous lighting contributes to any space, residential or commercial. in fact, i urge clients to not wait to visit commercial spaces to be wowed by lighting. put the wow right smack into your own home. it can be done! it should be done! it must be done...enjoy!


Dale at Hospitality Design Inspirations said...

Lighting is too often underestimated. I especially like the Lars englund skelder lamp for some reason, even though it is quite a simple shape.

design traveller said...

Great picks. I like Dark design.

L'Atelier said...

i love beautiful lighting and love the ones you source! just great, especially love 1 and 5 :)