Thursday, July 1, 2010

terrain. reclaiming the outdoors.

i stumbled upon this wonderful site, terrain, recently and so happy i did. perfect summer accessories, vintage, re~purposed, inventive, creative pieces to compliment your summer space designing. have yourself a look at some favorites i've selected...

i'm loving all of the summer lantern options this season. especially loving this filigree sphere. hand hammered, softly lit, hang one single sphere or create a galaxy of these, hanging at all different heights, from tree branches outdoors or from your back porch beams. talk about creating atmosphere! here.

imagine a cluster of these hanging terrarium bulbs, full of all sorts of natural displays hovering above an outdoor seating area, or inside clumped in a kitchen window. oh so pretty. here.

grab your super easy~peasy terrarium making kit here.

on a pretty screened in porch this burlap pendant with the scalloped edges would be a perfect all natural beachy addition to an outdoor space. here.

rustic, industrial pendant lights, re~purposed from turbine roof ventilators. genius. here.

i love raw nature of this steel wire chair. again, spray paint it colorful, cover it, add a small cushion or just a back cushion allowing the natural texture to shine. so fun! here.

terrain has a number of pretty summery vases, i want them all! here.

"found at an outdoor market in st. remy france, this 20th century painted iron table has a colorful art nouveau patina". here. what would be fun is to pair an odd mix of outdoor chairs around it? or bring the table indoors into a small kitchen space or loft apartment kitchen? love it!
picture this pretty vintage duet seat with colorful cushions or keep it tonal, adding beautiful linen cushions. so many options with this piece. here.

i love companies like this, offering selections with a feel, a history, a past, they offer character to your spaces. warmth. every space needs that. they do! if everything is completely new, a space can become a bit steril, static, boring. i adore adding worn pieces here and there to mix spaces up, throw them off. helping spaces to really work.

what are your thoughts? do you love finds like this? i know many of you do as i've followed your good will finds, flea market finds etc. it's so fun to bring something home and feel that not only have we rescued it, but we are allowing it to shine...one more time. enjoy!

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alice said...

Great site! I am in love with all the pieces you've posted on! The burlap lantern is so tempting!