Tuesday, June 29, 2010

poltrona frau.

are you familiar with poltrona frau's products? wow. what drew me is their appearance of floating, un~interrupting a space. quietly decorating, quietly solid and dependable, providing respite, flowing, floating, subtle, yet extravagant and luxurious. all of that makes for wow.

(above image thanks to patricia gray interiors, photo by roger brooks.)

maybe it's the white? the color palette lends itself to dreamy, the creamy leather seduces us into the space, onto each piece, soothing us, whether in a residential or commercial space. calm, cool and collected are poltrona frau's pieces. again with the wow.
it's tuesday, classes tonight, but what's fun is my son comes to one or two of my classes with me each semester and tonight is the night! we will have dinner first, stop at his favorite book haunt and discuss the class on our ride home. aaah, happiness is :) enjoy!