Friday, May 14, 2010

you've got to have art.

if a client asked me what element would i have to include in any interior, commercial or residential, absolutely and no matter what...for sure, i'd answer, you've got to have art.

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whether you are going for a modern finish, a stark environment or a super warm and comfy space, art is essential. it grounds your space, it lifts your space, it opens a space and it of course gives it life. remember, furniture can be stagnant, still and inanimate. art livens a space, brings energy, sex appeal, a sense of humanity and family. all of those things. every space needs it. you've got to have art.

what are your thoughts this artful friday? i have to say sorry for not being around to all of you and leaving my usual frequent comments. i'm finally breathing a sigh of relief for one month off from classes. so i plan on catching up on all my fav's this weekend, to say hello and spread some sugar xo. see you then, enjoy!

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Rikke@scandinavianchic.com said...

Oh so much great inspiration!!
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