Monday, May 17, 2010

yellow on the brain.

so it started with this, me setting my eyes on this sideboard from ikea. the style yes, but the color, very yes. ahhhem...let's move on...

two bits of butter yellow, (via yolksy)

yellow drama, (via yolksy)

a mellow yellow kitchen, (via apartment therapy)

such a great desk chair, (via beauty comma)

would love this pretty yellow dress, (via makool loves you)

love this one yellow wall. (via design is mine)

(via design sponge)

(via skona hem)

problem: now i want to paint something, anything, yellow. all yellow in fact. and i'm leaning towards bright. spicy bright, like that ikea bright. i'm eyeballing my kitchen table or a vintage, gorgeous bureau i'm restoring (in pieces in my basement, soon to be brought upstairs for painting and then adding new hardware). whose it going to be? whose it going to be? :) i'll keep you posted, but one of them is going to get it!

sorry for the late post today, i had jury duty and i'm one of those strange people who can't wait to get there and hope to get chosen, (though they didn't need any of us today) i find the whole thing fascinating really. (it's great people watching too, if you're into that sort of thing like i am :) enjoy the rest of your monday everyone!



I've been craving yellow a lot too. I'm actually planning on reupholstering some chairs for my office yellow. Now to find the perfect material!

Callie Grayson said...

i complete adore that dress!

I painted a piece of furniture yellow late last summer and love it! GO FOR IT! soon, i want to see what you do!!

Tamstyles said...

i love that ikea sideboard...it just warms my heart.

bronwyn said...

ooh, I loveyellow and I am in love with that dress.

Anonymous said...

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love your blog, really colorful with unique pieces.