Tuesday, May 18, 2010

isabelle abramson ceramics. oh so pretty.

i wanted to feature a local-to-me artist and shout out about her work. lacy, dreamy, fragile yet sturdy, a freedom of expression and just plain beautiful.

isabelle abramson was featured this past sunday in the boston globe and her bowls stopped me. imagine? bowls stopping you. but they really did! each and every hole, pattern, opening is created by hand, no pumping out of large quantities of art here. isabelle can be found on etsy, and on facebook, here.

isabelle is self taught and is a nurse by day. and while i don't wish her giving up her nursing job, because that's an amazing profession to begin with, i do wish her tons of luck being able to create more hours in a day, to realize her dream as an artist and to make money while she is doing it! isn't that the dream after all? making money, loving what you do? i should say so. enjoy!

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Down and Out Chic said...

wow, you are absolutely correct, beautiful bowls. that first one is just stunning.