Wednesday, May 19, 2010

a little bit of privacy.

i have to tell you, i'm not a big fan of shades, blinds, partitions, or anything of that nature. there is something terribly corporate, stuffy and to be honest, somewhat boring about most of them. i usually go for long, drippy-to-the-floor curtains, something like that for window treatments. but this company silent gliss, turned my head a bit, creating softer partitions, privacy treatments whether for residential or commercial. they have tested the waters in the shade area, offering a bit more fun, a bit more flirty and definitely more interesting than the status quo of what's out there...what do you think?

i think in the right setting, in small amounts, these shades and privacy treatments work well. did i say that? i suppose i did. :) enjoy this wednesday everyone, it's raining here, but that's ok, we need it to wash all of this pollen away!


lighting said...

I completely agree with you about blinds, but sometimes, in the right place they are a necessary evil. I love these alternative though. Thanks for the info.

Chic Therapy said...

love your blog