Thursday, May 13, 2010

around the we (heart) it block.

i love discussing design. with anyone and everyone! one thing i have a hard time describing, not understanding, but describing is my style, which is a very "put together space". what i mean is that i don't draw up an entire space, all at once, on a computer...then voila, complete. i just can't. a space evolves, it's almost like when i paint, you keep building, adding, taking away, changing, manipulating, until you feel as if you should stop, that it is what it was supposed to be. finally.

i (heart) this site, "we heart it" for so many of those reasons. they collect image upon image of put together spaces. chunks of old buildings, to new, modern twists to found objects and anything in between. there is absolutely one way to create the most interesting space you can and that is by slowly building it up, piece by piece, color upon color, texture added, texture taken away, lighting changes, hardware changes, mixing the generations of furniture, it gets to a point where it just feels right. finished, at least for the time being :)

hoping your thursday finds you putting together fabulous spaces, or at least gathering all of those ideas i mentioned. check out we (heart) it if you haven't already for gobs of inspiration on doing things a little bit differently. enjoy!


la cabeza de maria antonieta said...

Beautiful Places!! Love the kitchen!!

ilovecoolthings said...

your photos always make me salivate......

i wish i had a never ending budget. i have too many ideas for my place and not enough CASH!

heart charlie said...

I love all of these spaces!! I am especially loving those bold blue doors in the white room, so great ;)