Wednesday, April 21, 2010

& then design.

&then design is a company i stumbled upon recently and i have to say, their products just made me smile. you might ask...can furniture or lighting actually make you smile? i say yes sir it can :) see, there's a smile. have a look at the clean lines, quirky takes on classical elements and lend me your thoughts on &then design.

&then design is calling the "fox" light, "clean clinical aesthetic with character." it has 3 adjustable shades for a whole range of lighting needs. it's quirky but hey, i like it! here.

are you ready for this? where's the bulb? take a look at the second photo. how fun is that? &then design says the details on this "halo" light are "coming soon" but are calling it an electro-illuminescent source. hmmm. well ok, but very cool. here.

the oh-so-baroque details of the "turn table" bring a new spin to the dining table. with a colored steel top, they can also be sized as a side table. here.

the "jack" chairs are very cool. as if they might get up and walk around, spindle-y legs, soft inviting seat, great conversation pieces. imagine them lined up around a very hip bar? wowzers. here.

the "george" chair reminds me of furniture you would have seen on the jetson's cartoon show. (but in an oh-so-good way!) plop down an antique/vintage-esque pillow on it and send it into uncharted design waters. :) really though, these pieces by &then design would pair in your residential or commercial spaces with just about any style if added correctly. here.

&then designs cute and stubby "tub" chairs are enough to make you smile! perfect for plunking one in a residential space or sprinkle bunches all in different colors or maybe all the same color, in a commercial reception or lounge area. super unusual! here.

i also am drawn to their sofa line at &then design. they are strangely classic in design but with modern, edgy twists on the typical sofa. like the wire-y metal legs of this one below, reminding you that this is not your average sofa. really fun, here.

the wave detail in this modular seating is eye-catching! simple, fresh lines, inviting and exciting all at the same time. you could either keep the space, whether residential or commercial, completely mod, super new and crisp, or throw the entire look off for fun by placing a vintage coffee table in front of it, or antique or vintage pieces near by. so many options with modern furnishings! here.

i'm mad for the design of this chair! here.

here's the same fabulous chair in a walnut finish, wow. here.
so fun for a middle of the week post. i adore finding new companies like &then design! furniture design graduates samuel wright and jamie bowler are the men behind &then design. (they'll even custom design a piece to your personal liking if need be, so very good!) another thing i loved is their website. it's really a great website design and worth a visit just for that! i'll enjoy your feedback about &then design, let me know your impression. happy wednesday everyone...enjoy!


The Zhush said...

The halo is fab!

escapade said...

Very fun - always seeing all this creativity!
Agree with Zhush - halo is fantastic!