Thursday, April 22, 2010

modern furniture from spacify.

happy almost the end of the week everyone! i wanted to take my post today and feature a new sponsor on avant garde (their link will remain on my right hand sidebar), spacify, a perfect "source for modern contemporary home furnishings & office furniture from european and italian designers." with that said, wait until you see...

one of spacify's features that i absolutely am drawn to is their amazing line of chairs. i'm not talking about every day, run of the mill chairs either. i perused the pages of seating and one after the other made my eyes pop. completely surprising designs, fabrics and mixing of fabrics. luxurious, non-traditional and terribly sexy. so like i said, how could you not be drawn to all of that! :)

i know what you're thinking but this "floating bed" is actually supported by 4 legs, strategically placed to give the appearance of floating in thin air. how amazing is this bed? when you want a luxury item, a pure conversation piece for your home, this bed will do the trick! ahh, yeah. i should say so!

to supplement your pillow "addiction", like i have, spacify also offers an eclectic line of pillows, from traditional colors and patterns to very vogue designs.

these glam chairs were listed in spacify's dining section. but...what i love about chairs like this is their versatility. seriously, you could clump these anywhere, around a very long board room table in a commercial or office setting, around cool cafe tables or wine bars to one only, placed in a living room or bedroom or bathroom for that matter, to shine on its own. really fun chairs.

fireplace accessories and outdoor firepits like this, from spacify are completely amazing. bringing "contemporary" straight outdoors.

spacify offers a very unusual, very italian chic line of sofas. refined and distinctive.

completely decadent line of outdoor furniture. like nothing you've seen before! if you want your outdoor spaces to become a true oasis, spacify has the furniture!

so, are you picking your jaw up from the ground yet? i know, i know, completely amazing pieces. enjoy spacify, dream a little, imagine your perfect luxury item. would it be one of spacify's beds? or chairs? or outdoor furniture? so many choices!

fffew...it's been a busy week for me, how about you? i've been glued (at least it literally feels like it) to my kitchen table chairs this week, typing, researching, reading, then typing some more for classes and papers due (all at once of course!) i'm borderline brain dead at this point. the weekend will be more of the same unfortunately but this semester is nearing an end. i'm contemplating a run for a different kind of stimulation. what are you doing today? anything fun? tell me, tell me! enjoy!

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