Friday, April 23, 2010

how do you spell home?

do you design with letters? with numbers? or is it just not your thing? so far, i have not added any letters to any walls, shelves, or surfaces in general in my little cottage. not so much for disliking the idea, it's just that if i added a letter or a letters, forming a word, would i tire of it, or them? what would i say? so with that indecision, i've restrained myself in the area of letter adding. what about you?

literally how you spell home. (here)

express yourself! (here)

hiding letters. (here)
soft, single, lowercase letters. (here)

oh-so-sweet baby letters. (here)

letters lit up. love. (here)

antique letters, almost ghost-like. look very closely at those boards leaning against the wall, they're there. (here)

you could toss your letters in a frame. (here)

placed against a wallpapered background can make for an interesting effect. (here)

maybe it's a number you needed instead of a letter. maybe it signifies something special, only you know what it means. what a great conversation piece. (here)

when you literally want to make a statement. big, bold, brash, and very cool. (here)

if you have the room, giant letters can be playful and fun! especially in a commercial setting...adding a bit of whimsy to a modern work space. (here)

and at times, only one letter is needed. (here)

sometimes letters are super simple, laid back, almost going unnoticed. (here)

in a strange way (could be a short-lived fascination, not sure yet :), i kind of love the idea of just spraying something on a wall like this. it's freeing, kind of edgy, punky and fun! of course this wouldn't work in every setting, but the right one, with the right words, maybe? (here)

i love the complete randomness of all of this! no rhyme or reason. (here)

have you spelled something special in your home or commercial space? if not, do you want to? what would you spell? would it be a quiet word or loud, get your attention kind of a word? i did once see a painting, all in white and sort of floating in the midst of this very modern painting, also in white, as if it only had left a ghostly imprint, was a lower case e. my son's name is ethan and i though it would have been very cool for his bedroom. but it was a fortune and a half. so no. maybe i'll paint one, one of these days as i really did love it.

what are your plans this very-close-to-us-now, weekend? i have tons of class work, but hoping in between, and for much needed breaks, a run or two, a glass of wine, or two :) and watching the celtics and the bruins. happy friday everyone and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!


Dale said...

Unfortunately words and letters are not one of my favorite design elements. They have always bugged me. Maybe it's because I once specified a fabric for a Japanese restaurant, and it had some Chinese characters (woops, mistake number one) that were apparently some words to a funeral march. The restaurant received some complaints from guests. Woops. Why would a fabric manufacturer even make that? Anyway...sorry that's kind of off topic.

I plan on getting my patio cleaned up and ready for summer this weekend. YAY!

Sourceress said...

What a wonderful & inspiring blog & story! Interestingly enough, I was just asked to assist a friend in selecting an appropriate wall space for hanging some "word" art in her apartment this weekend. I tend to lean toward a more wab-sabi design aesthetic with bits and pieces of text lying about as parts of still life curios...they're more aphoristic—epigrammatic and graphic than message-oriented or motivational. I am a writer by trade, and letters and words have a sensuous appeal to me for the forms they create and evoke as much as they do for the sounds they make even when not spoken aloud. I found a box of vintage tin stencils years ago at a roadside tag sale and cobbled together "ironic" quips that I have strewn on bookshelves and incorporated into these curios. It was a fun exercise at the time when Magnetic Poetry was still a novelty. This was way before text messaging. I also have random old wooden type blocks...chosen for their beautifully worn and weathered wood, of course one is of my initial, which has become my moniker over the years. I suppose for me it's less a matter of becoming bored with something so seemingly irrevocable...but in the electronic communication age where we tend to I.D. ourselves with a borrowed line of poetry or ersatz quote...or use shorthand to express emotions we are no longer willing to feel, the alphabet has a powerful symbology that can remind us that we are not nameless, faceless entities but indeed characters with stories and language. The letters off of an old sign that are artfully displayed in someone's interior landscape become a landmark for building communication between an individual and her space, the family who lives there, the company she keeps, the guests she'd like to entice...like any interior accent arbitrary or painstakingly chosen, it tells a story and becomes part of our personal and collective narrative.

The Zhush said...

This was the best, love all the images you found! The bling one made me smile!