Tuesday, April 20, 2010

from house to cathedral.

have you ever thought of incorporating stained glass into your home or commercial space? well, let me tell you...recently i have stained glass on the brain. you see, i'm writing a very detailed paper on gothic cathedrals, one in particular, amiens. so you understand my reasoning don't you? actually, if done right, and that means not overdone, stained glass really can work. what are your thoughts?

this gorgeous window, (here)

subtle, (here)

mod stained glass, (here)

just a pinch of it, (here)
stained glass furniture! (there)




so, could you add a little cathedral-esque quality to your home? i would love one window, way up high in my home, an accent window, that when the sun is in the perfect spot in the sky, the light streams through, ever so subtly, in a romantic, sort of sexy, gothic type of way. beware, i have 2 papers yet to write on completely different subjects, what will i come up with then? oh boy. stay tuned for those posts too. enjoy the light of these stained glass windows and drop me your opinion on the whole stained glass matter. :)


Dallas Shaw said...

i like the simple stained glass near the bathtub.

Beach Vintage said...

One day I would love to have some stained glass in my house. Nice pics.