Monday, April 19, 2010

cool work spaces.

are you working today? where? as for me? i'm plugging away on papers (i worked this weekend, but not on papers, so i need to get it into gear bigtime!) sitting at my kitchen table, laptop in front of me with cut branches about to flower also in front of me in a vintage vase, antique china coffee cup in front of me, full, and the sun shining in my window. so i'm off to a great start! if you are contemplating creating cool work spaces, i thought it appropriate for a monday morning to feature some unique ways of working those spaces. work spaces, cool ones, from rum magazine.

i hope your monday is off to a fabulous start. mine is, except for later when i have to face fighting my way into boston for class and guess what? today is a day in boston where probably a hundred thousand extra people will be hanging out in my path of travel. today is the boston marathon. wish me luck. wish me patience. :) have a great monday everyone! enjoy!

p.s. thanks to everyone that is following my design blog! i'm at 100 followers and i couldn't be more proud and thankful! i hope you enjoy every blog post on avant garde design! :)


Leigh said...

These are great spaces, and yes best of luck!! :) xo

Tamstyles said...

love those...all are cool workspaces.

Jules said...

oh wow! awesome work spaces - something i always enjoy looking at! that second photo with that large industrial looking table in that wide open space...i think i would be so much more creative and productive in a space like that! oh! and the black desk is pretty amazing too.