Friday, April 16, 2010

friday design inspiration from here & there.

yeah for fridays, yeah for rainy weekends (which will force me to write my papers), yeah for the beautiful new pinot noir i bought yesterday which i will enjoy tonight, yeah for time with my son this weekend, yeah for the talk we are all going to tonight by my favorite columnist at our local paper, yeah for creative designers like all of these below, and yeah for all of my blog friends, of which i am lucky to have made!

much inspiration from marie claire maison, here.

pure divine-ness from loft life, here.

friday inspiration (and goosebumps) from emmas, here.

design shimmer never disappoints, here.

these 2 here.

hopefully you received a boost from these spaces, i know i did! especially the spaces with color, on this cloudy grey new england day, they are a welcome sight! hey, are you in weekend mode? if not, i hope you are on your way, enjoy your friday, enjoy these inspirational spaces and enjoy yourseslf!

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