Thursday, April 15, 2010

a smattering of quirky eclectic.

my head is a bit mish-mash after classes last night, so with that said, i needed inspiration from a variety of sources to jump-start my mind and my day today! and i just gotta tell ya, this world of ours is never lacking in creativity, quirky and completely unusual and entertaining designers. not lacking at all...see,

funny little mirrored wall hangers. from porada, here.

stunning pillows from b&b italia. yeah, we love them. here.

movable, self watering hedge. bringing the outdoors, indoors. here.

vitra wall clocks, not your average wall clocks, here.

funky everything from freedom of creation, here.

x marks the spot with these unusual book cases. by mox and here.

exotic, erotic and super eclectic nina levett handmade ceramics. here.

unique mirror from lladro, here.

gorgeous tactile fabrics from fanny aronsen. here.

it's thursday, and so it's almost friday, right? what are you up to? i'm off to run some errands, no wait, let me back up, eat breakfast since my dinner pretty much was half of a candy bar last night, yikes, then i need to focus for a paper that is due soon, which means a mocha will be in order i'm thinking. to clear the cobwebs. :) it's sunny where i am, which is also a boost of energy for me! so i'm off, wherever you are, enjoy!!!


Melanie's Randomness said...

I'd like almost all of these. the self-watering hedge is a lil creepy. (I've seen way too many horror movies) but I like the mirrors & The X's. Yea its almost Friday! Whew!

L'Atelier said...

i love the mirror hangers and the x-shelfs|!
had a meeting with a yarnie, busy with photo-editing at moment, just thought i'll take a break and visit some friends :)