Wednesday, April 14, 2010

cb2 and industrial-ness.

right now, cb2 has some summer-y items i'm drawn to, like fabulous laquered tables, pillows, rugs and great outdoor accessories. helping you entertain in a more chic style for sure, have a peek...

how adorable is this hop-scotch rug? so adorable, that's what! here.

cb2's array of industrial lighting too, i'm gaga over. here.

this very mechanics-looking chest in bright red, here, is really fun for use as a bureau. i'm loving cb2's industrial-esque tables too, see below.

this bright orange tray table, here.

this spring-y little green table, here.

this one, here.

cb2 also has some fabulous design books on sale right now! such as this "converted spaces" book featuring tons of before and after shots of refurbished factories, workshops, stables, farms mills and other structures. i want! here.

this echo custard chair offers not only the obvious, color, to your space, but texture with its laquered bent plywood seat and steel powdercoated frame. i would think that the more worn these became, they would be even more perfect. here.

these pucker folding chairs are bright, cheery and on sale! here.

don't these picks from cb2 get you in the mood for getting outdoors, having barbeques, sipping wine in the cool air of the evening and plunking your glass down on any one of these industrial, hip tables? really fun! enjoy cb2's offerings today. i'm heading outside, to my not-so-hip furniture to read for class tonight. what are you doing? tell, me tell me! :)

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The Zhush said...

could not agree more...cb2 always has it going on!