Tuesday, April 13, 2010

stark spaces.

stark spaces. do you crave them? could you live with them? how about a whole home, or office space? do they scream lonely or completely soothing to you? hmmm...

(all images courtesy of owi)

i'm in between. i definitely lean towards a bit warmer of a space. not cluttered by any means, but just a touch warmer. do i appreciate stark spaces? oh yes! do i at times, crave running to one, hanging out for a while with a glass of wine in hand, you betcha! this tuesday morning, enjoy these stark spaces. appreciate what they offer, what they exude, what they leave you with. if only for a while. :) enjoy!


Callie Grayson said...

i love to look at stark spaces, but i could never live in one. I own to much stuff. Plus I have a dog, and as we know they are pretty much like a small child, toys everywhere!

I love that arched lamp over that brown sofa. I am looking for one just like that, if anyone know where I can get one..... please email me!


Jules said...

sometimes i wish i lived in a totally clean apartment with nothing on the kitchen countertops and minimal accessories...it sounds wonderful but would probably be a nightmare to maintain! how do people live in such minimal spaces? i bet if you opened up any cupboard or cabinet, a heap of stuff would come tumbling out :) ha ha!