Friday, April 9, 2010

apaya collection from aqua creations. friday fantasy lighting.

i'm not sure how many of you are familiar with aqua creations lighting,(my favorite lighting company by the way), but if you are not, then hopefully i can intrigue you into visiting their site, requesting a catalog and truly appreciating the craftsmanship, the quality and unique-ness of aqua creations lighting. have a looksy...

this apaya collection is new for 2010 and is one style really of aqua creations lighting. if the apaya line is not your cup of tea, worry not...they have such a variety of styles, materials and concepts...oh! and they make furniture too, but that's for another day :)

the apay collection lights are individually made. "the felt is naturally pressed and applied to an undulate form, this particular handcraft presupposes limited edition series and one-of-a-kind creations. made from merino and mohair wools with pure silk." by the way, aqua creations signature lines, incorporate silk by the plenty, coating the surfaces for use in restaurants, protecting against elements etc. so while they appear delicate, they can withstand residential and commercial environments. aqua creations lines are all very organic in nature, simulating and emulating underwater creatures, plants and the overall feel of nature. love.

happy friday everyone, all of my friends in blogland! what are you up to? as for me? i have tons of research to do for a paper, then when that is finished, another paper is right behind it. yikes. then, hmmm, watching the masters, eating great food, drinking great wine and perhaps a run or two. should be great! enjoy!

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