Thursday, March 25, 2010

thursday and dinner with dad.

(i love this photo and found it here)

this is thursday and it's the night before my dad leaves to drive back to tennessee. so i thought it appropriate to post an elegant dining area, crammed full of chandeliers, sparkles, and imagine we are there, laughing, gazing up at the crystals bouncing off of the candle light, eating a wonderful meal and drinking delicious wine. oh we will be doing all of those things, just at my own dining table, which does have a tiny sepia chandelier and daffodils on the table, and it will be perfect enough. oh and my dad plays guitar, i'll post pictures soon! enjoy your thursday and your evening as i will be enjoying mine!

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The Zhush said...

So sweet...and Osterville of course! Spent many a summer in Chatham.