Wednesday, March 24, 2010

pretty plaid for wednesday.

(i forget where i found this great image, if i'm not giving appropriate credit, please enlighten me :)

it's the half way point to friday everyone! don't you just love this lampshade, it reminds me of those strips of pretty zig zag plaid that you would have made out of chewing gum wrappers, remember making those? so funny!

today the plan is breakfast with dad and then heading up to boston to classes later, early time at the library to catch up on some reading there and as always on my long drive home, npr plays jazz all night for me, isn't that sweet? :) enjoy!


heart charlie said...

OOOhhh! I love the plaid!! I want plaid sheets now ASAP!! Thanks for the inspiration ;)

The Zhush said...

It looks exactly like those gum wrapper things...good call! My husband is Harvard 87, and Harvard Law 90, we get up to Cambridge quite a bit, is this where your chocolate shop is? I am fascinated by this!

LeAnne@Hairs My Story Team said...

I adore plaid! So preppy.

Dallas Shaw said...

please tell me you know who makes this bedding? please