Tuesday, March 23, 2010

enjoy your tuesday!

hope this tuesday finds you happy! it's soggy here, raining like mad but that's ok, i've got tons of reading to do for class, then lunch with my dad, so all in all, who cares about the weather right? enjoy this lovely, serene space. are you wishing this was your dining area? oh...i am :) pssst...and it's from a castle! find it here.


L'Atelier said...

great dinning place!
would love to have a dinner with friends, hope you have managed to do all your reading.

The Zhush said...

Hi. New to your blog, (its great). And that dining room table is amazing. That smooth shiny surface...just dying to touch it!

Simply Defined Design said...

This table is so current and inspiring! I love it!! Best, Connie

Rikke said...

Give me that chandellair and that table!!!:)

SogniSorrisi said...

What a gorgeous room. Love a good long table where everyone can gather together.