Friday, March 26, 2010

friday magic. weekend rest.

this is where my head is today. after tons of red wine last night, an outdoor fire with my dad and family, watching my son playing the guitar my dad just gave him (a gibson if you all know guitars, oh yeah and with an amplifier and microphone, wow) and eating tons of delicious food for dinner last night. going, going, going, my head is in the clouds, but i'm floating very nicely thank you. :) here.

i'm contemplative today, remembering a fabulous week with my dad, now as he drives home. but the smile on my face will last quite some time, the guitar music, the amount of time my eyes were watering from laughing so hard and all of the pinky swears we made, you had to be there :) this image here.

i'm staring at a counter of dirty dishes, wine glasses and the remains of an unbelievable chocolate lava cake. totally worth the clean up. found on ffffound.

my body and my mind are screaming for rest and relaxation and of course totally sleeping in, here would be nice!

i want to curl up in this super fuzzy chair and read a non-class-required book :) (here.)

i would light this lovely lantern and stay in the tub all night long. (found here.)

everyone....enjoy your weekend. i will be sleeping in, then probably sleeping in the next day and finally some serious sleeping in. yeah that's right. :) next week, we are back to design posts, new lighting inspiration and spring and summer fabrics and textiles. enjoy!


FancyPants-design said...

First off - I just want to say I love the new title block! Great photos and such cute marshmellows - they look tasty.

The Zhush said...

Jealous of all your sleepy plans! Due to the first image, now have Carly Simon's Your So Vain playing in my head...clouds in my coffee, clouds in my coffee! :)

Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

Just stopping by your blog for the first time and it is positively adorable! Sleeping in this weekend does sound so good...

Have a great weekend!

georgia b. said...

lovely post, robin.

hope you get the rest after your magical evening. sounds wonderful.

we are partying all weekend here. it's b's 40th birthday tomorrow!

hugs to you!