Monday, February 1, 2010

vintage monday.

for some reason, this monday i awoke in a vintage hungry mood. i've been reading about fabulous bloggers like the english muse heading off to paris and others traveling hitting the european flea markets and shops and finding such fun finds. here in our country there are also many great finds, well, just waiting to be found!

ebay is chock full of vintage, like this cutie-pa-tootie owl necklace. love it! here.

vintage tablecloths and napkins from my crafty corner, on our favorite, etsy. i have stacks of vintage, non-matching cloth napkins in my cabinet. i'm always in search of more. how about you?
vintage knoll dining table and nelson bubble light, from modern vintage furniture.

if you're in the market for any original piece, truly vintage, furniture with big or small names, head over to vintage looks. here they feature an original charles eames rocker for $1,250.

how fun is this vintage american motif dress? get it here.

authentic vintage lighting. here.

pretty vintage-esque napkins from sugar and fig, on etsy, where else? :)

do you own anything vintage? funny because we were watching the antiques roadshow last night on t.v. and it makes you start looking around the house and thinking hmmm, what would i bring to that show? fun. for me i have some cherished rugs from my great grandmother who traveled around the world and brought these back. i'm not even sure where they are from but i think maybe they are from turkey. i'll one day have to find out their origin. for now they are safe in my closet awaiting their perfect place. enjoy monday vintage, enjoy monday morning sun (yeah it's sunny here today!) and just enjoy!

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