Friday, January 29, 2010

fun at 0900.

it's friday everyone, as if you didn't know right? :) well, let's have some fun this friday, this end of a perhaps hectic week, with 0900's designs.

turn heads in your residential or commercial spaces with these intriguing, literally hand held bookshelves. now that's fun.
doesn't everyone need a wall mounted fire place. yeah, that's right!
for the outdoors, these clover chairs will have all of your neighbors talking.

super springy bloom vases.

how fun are these tree branch coat racks? really, really fun!
tons of eclectic dining chairs. here.

new bud lights.

the wind is howling like mad outside my house this morning, and all of last night. i'm talking cold, cold cold. yikes. i may have to put off my run this morning, unless i want to run in a complete snowsuit. yeah...no. so...i'll head to a coffee shop, catch up (or more like start) my reading for classes before next week rolls around and perhaps out for a beer later. yeah for today! what are you up to this fine friday? or this weekend? either way, have fun perusing the pages of 0900! enjoy!

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Zanah said...

Lovely pics... thx for sharing! :) Mon Mode Blog