Thursday, January 28, 2010

elitis wallpaper.

i stumbled upon elitis wallcoverings and my jaw dropped at their textures, color palettes and graphic designs. super fun, super chic, super super.

based out of france, elitis wallcoverings also offers fabrics and furniture...i know right? yum. again, while you may not want to paper an entire room with any or all of these, picture one wall, any wall, are you kidding me? wowzers. talk about making a statement. whether residential or commercial these elitis wallcoverings could give any space a bit of pizzazz, a facelift, a boost. it's almost friday everyone...enjoy! :)


Melanie's Randomness said...

If I had one of those big loft apartments with the huge long walls I'd maybe do one of these. I think they're pretty cool! Yea it is almost friday!

heart charlie said...

Wow...These are quite stunning! YES I would love to cover an accent wall in any one of these designs. The first pic and the last one in particular are my favorite. I love the bold choice of using wallpaper. I do think it would be fun to wallpaper and entire bathroom. It is the cheapest room in any home to re-decorate year after year, so fun to experiment!

Tamstyles said...

looks like my fav colors