Wednesday, January 27, 2010

where we gather.

our dining room or kitchen tables are where we gather, to eat, talk, work on homework, pay bills, create, design, store things, display things and just plain enjoy ourselves.

so...what's around your table? what's above your table? and what's below your table?

rum magazine.

the style files.

bolig magazine.
design shimmer.

house beautiful.

purple area.

house to home.

ok, i'll fess up :) above mine is a pretty and dainty sepia toned glass chandelier. around it are wooden chairs that match (which i'd like to change one day, adding a more eclectic variety of chairs), on top of my table currently sits grape tomatoes and a large pink grapefruit in a wooden bowl my dad sent me from tennessee (it's where he lives), under my table is a pale, pale green rug, and directly under my table (i know it sounds strange) is a tiny leopard print foot stool. (i actually use it and love to put my feet up while i'm eating away!)

just curious about your gathering spaces. mine is definitely used all day long and so then all day long it creates memories and special interactions. i love that. enjoy!

1 comment:

Dionne said...

Oooh what lovely tables, and yours sounds lovely. I wanna see the chandelier!

Our table is one of those tall tables, so whenever I go to someone's place who has a normal-height table, I feel like it's a kids table, hehehehe.