Tuesday, February 2, 2010

inspired by photos from owi.

ooh, i'm sleepy this morning after classes in boston last night. but, sipping coffee and perusing the glorious pages of owi for inspiration has given me a needed boost. do you need a boost on this tuesday morning? if so, here you go...

loving the serene spaces, the color palettes with bursts of vibrant energy, the soft lines, the crisp edges, all so lovely. aaaah...there. i'm better already :) enjoy your day everyone. what are you up to? i've got lots and lots of reading for classes, last minute birthday shopping for my son and probably another coffee :) enjoy!

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ilovecoolthings said...

your post made me feel alot better.... things at work are CRAZY and i am tired of travelling... i bought some nice fabrics over the weekend to make pillows for my office. mmmmmmm. i will daydream of them today.