Wednesday, February 3, 2010

mood boards.

hey everyone! i have a confession to make. i never thought mood boards were a necessary piece of the design process. well, let me restate my statement. for me, they really aren't still, meaning that i'm more of a "put together a space" than "design a space" kind of artist and designer. (if you get what i'm saying?) but...i do love the moodboards that so many of my favorite bloggers and designers put together. they intrigue me, they inspire me and they get me thinking!

sultry mood board from paize digital design journal.

super fun moodboard from mirror mirror.

pure photographic inspiration mood boards. from at home with kim vallee.

plunk your mood boards right there in front of you, also adding to interior design. here from apartment therapy.

clip pages from books, magazines, papers, old cards, vintage postcards. you name it. found here.

beauty comma's blog perfectly pairs color palettes, pulls together spaces, connecting every day "things" to your interior for inspiration. love.

purple area's blog also always produces luscious moodboards.

anne at the city sage's blog always inspires me with terrific, completely put together mood boards, from fashion to interior design, she's an expert at the mood board.

from the style files, (image from jeltje fotografie)

do you live by moodboards? are they a necessary piece of your designing process? are you like me? do you love perusing them though? oh, i do! enjoy your wednesday everyone. it's the middle of the week, not far off until the weekend. i have classes tonight and so am off to read, read and read. enjoy!

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Melanie's Randomness said...

I would love to make a mood board. I make collages but these are just lovely.