Thursday, February 4, 2010

getting back to natural.

while we may not have the option of grass covered spaces to keep us fitting into nature and feeling we are being green with our every interior purchase, there are little things we can do when designing in a more natural way. take a look...

keeping the color palette of a space light, natural, without distractions offers a more natural, comforting space. keeping elements such as natural wood flooring, even if painted keep us grounded. found here.

sleek natural interiors such as this one, incorporating raw materials such as concrete add a natural, uninterrupted space focusing on light, comfort and relaxation. here.

decorating naturally with organic candles, found objects, gently worn furniture. all add an aspect of character, personality and energy to spaces full of newer interior objects. here.

from apartment therapy, here.

your interior objects need not all be vintage or found, or just plain antique to add that element of nature. placing a newer piece, utterly organic in form such as this origami table by jo nagasaka is a perfect, natural addition to any space, residential or commercial. found here.

purchasing organic bedding and mattresses will have you diving into a pure natural scene each and every night, while supporting green companies at the same time. :) here.

adding elements of stone and granite don't have to be cold additions to a natural interior, in fact bringing the outdoors in can be comforting and warming. here.

jute rugs and natual white creamy tones. very relaxing natural interior. here.

how about incorporating tile with a fossil-esque design for a primitive feel? find it here.

hope you are having a relaxing thursday thus far! i (again) have more reading, or, ah, catching up on my required reading. waiting for more books to arrive (thank you amazon) and coffee. i'll be drifting off from my reading, dreaming of these natural spaces and the possibilities. enjoy!

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