Thursday, January 14, 2010

kimberley gundle and color, color color!

"kimberley, born in vibrant south africa, graduated from the michaelis school of fine art, university of cape town. she continued her studies in fine art and completed her post graduate at the slade school of fine art in london, where she has been living and working as an artist since 1988."

"i am a contemporary artist, rug designer, painter and ceramicist. i see my rugs as art on the floor. i am a colourist; each rug is a unique art piece."

as an artist, kimberley also paints and one of her series that i was drawn to was her below the knee series. i would place either a series of them in a line on a large wall or perhaps one, very large on a wall whether a residential or commercial space.

today's post then is about color, during my winter here in new england, we are in need of bright, vibrant, warm color, and thanks to kimberley gundle and her color burst designs, we're getting our fix. i love these rugs!!! enjoy!


Melanie's Randomness said...

Omg I wish I had more color in my life. Those rugs brighten the rooms so much!! I adore the red & black one! I'm such a shoe person, her paintings are beautiful too!!! =)

Dale said...

Wow those rugs are stunning! I love the first one as well...it's like she took a giant brush of red attitude and smeared it boldly without hesitation.

Anne @ The City Sage said...

LOVE those shoe paintings--what fun! they make me want to open a shoe boutique just for the excuse of decorating it with those paintings :)